Below is a library of some of the events Andrew has spoken at in the local area and around the globe. If you have an upcoming event and would like to see if Andrew is available to speak, please visit the engage section of our website and let us know the date and location of your event.

Breathing Life into Your Dreams: Andrew Thorn at TEDxGreenville

Dr. Thorn is a pioneer and leader in the field of work/life balance. His clients include over 50 major corporate clients and 250 Senior Leaders from Fortune 500 companies. His clients achieve more, become more, and experience balanced growth for their own benefit, and for the benefit of the people they lead.


Listen To Andrew Thorn:

Raising Ourselves to Next Level Living with Dr. Andrew Thorn
Leading With Your Legacy In Mind
The Dr. Andrew Thorn Show
Strategies for creating your personal and professional legacy with Dr. Andrew Thorn
Bert Martinez talks with Andrew Thorn, Dr.Cathy Greenberg and guests
Leading with Your Legacy in Mind: Author Andrew Thorn in the Studio
Interviews Andrew Thorn
Leading With Your Legacy In Mind
Leading with Your Legacy in Mind – Andrew Thorn PhD.
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