twenty-three (23)

This past week was a real struggle. Somehow I contracted a cough and a sore throat. This made it very difficult for me to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply is a critical part of The Ultimate Yogi. The breaths I was unable to take made the practice of yoga extremely difficult.

But I kept going. I am now at day 29 out of 108 and I am perfect in getting my workout done each day.

Tonight it rained, which meant that I had to do my workout inside. I really enjoy practicing under the stars. The vast and open environment really energizes each pose. I worried that I would feel constricted and limited in the house. I waited until late, hoping that the rain would stop and I could go outside. It didn’t and so I began the practice indoors.

As soon as I got into the flow of the workout I forgot about my surroundings and I engaged with clarity. Time moved quickly and I could barely believe how good I felt and how soon it ended. My struggle paid off. Isn’t this usually the case? When we persist we conquer, and when we conquer we know we can still grow and so we engage in the struggle the next day. Each day leads to a new level. I learn the most from my struggles.

I am feeling good. I still have 79 days to go, but I know I will make it. I am already dreaming of immediately starting again when I finish this cycle. Yoga is influencing my life in unimagined ways. I like that.

See you on the mat –