Q&A with Dr. Andrew Thorn

How do you describe yourself?

I am a simple man. I love to learn and to grow. Differences inspire me most. I am a man of science, and a man of faith. I care most deeply about people. I am fascinated by the principles of abundance. The question I ask myself the most is, “who do I want to be?” It helps me align my actions with what really matters.

Why do you write?

Writing helps me actualize who I am. I love to reflect and think about things, but that is not enough for me. If my thoughts and reflections just stay in my head, they quickly disappear. When I write them down, they become real. I love to write when I am feeling lost. The connection between the spiritual me (who I am), and the physical me (what I do), helps me find my way.

How do you write?

I see words, more than I actually see images, but the images bring meaning to my words. So I spend a lot of time making sense of things before I ever begin to write. My love of reflection plays an integral role. Most of the time I am writing to answer my own questions. I get an idea and I need to clarify it. The whole process reminds me of doing a puzzle. There are central ideas that form the edge pieces. They are the easiest to find. The other pieces represent the words and as I think, they begin to find order too. Sometimes I get it right the first time, but more often than not I must struggle to find the right pieces.

What is next for you?

Alaska is attracting me right now. I want to go and explore it. I am fascinated by the wild, and the thought of having 20+ hours of daylight each day.

What is your legacy?

I don’t think legacy is an event, nor do I think it is something that we leave behind. It is tied more to how we influence others than it is to how we impact them. It is a process, and the outcomes are related more to who I am becoming than they are to what I am doing. My legacy is constantly developing and I carry it with me everywhere I go. There are no simple answers; in fact I believe the question can never be answered because I am constantly evolving. I suppose that this is my legacy – a staunch belief that I am a work in process, that I will be forgotten soon after I die, but my influence will be felt by those I love throughout all eternity.