Thank you for your interest in inviting Andrew to speak to your audience. We know how important it is to unlock aspiration and purpose. Andrew is a world-class storyteller. His transformational speaking energizes audiences all over the world.

Andrew is best known for his speeches on Legacy, Leadership, and Purpose. The following are outlines of some of his most familiar presentations. Customized outlines are encouraged. Invite Andrew to speak at your next event.

Legend or Legacy

What is the difference between your legend and your legacy? What happens to our personal and professional responsibilities when we learn to distinguish between the two? This interactive keynote address offers valuable insights on becoming the leader of your own legacy. Based on Andrew’s bestselling book, Leading With Your Legacy In Mind: Building Lasting Value in Business and Life.

● Unlock the power of your legacy
● Differentiate influence and impact
● Build Lasting Value in Business and Life

Growing Whole

Our culture encourages us to hold on to our youth at all costs. This approach offers little guidance to those of us who wish to embrace midlife and discover strategies for growing whole. This Keynote offers clear insights on discovering “what’s next?” Based on Andrew’s transformational work, The Telios Expedition: A Legacy-Making Inventure.

● Explore the inseparable connection of “To Do” and “To Be”
● Discover the transitions and triggers that influence the midlife experience
● Learn the secrets of the second half of life

Personal Best Leadership

There is a famine of leaders in the land today. What are you doing about it? The leaders of the future know that they must be responsible for their own growth and development. Based on Andrew’s best selling book U-wun-ge-lay-ma: A Guide to Next Level Leading.

● Recalibrate your leader behaviors
● Establish the standards of success
● Inspire the best in others