Fifteen (15)

Today I completed the 15th of 108 Ultimate Yogi workouts. This is tough, and there have been times that I never thought I would get this far. Now my strength is building and so is my enjoyment.

I have never been flexible. Yoga has always challenged me because I cannot do the moves. My previous belief was that my body did not bend in those ways. I no longer believe this. I am learning techniques and my body is bending in new ways and stretching to new lengths. The ground is no longer out of reach. That is an interesting conquest for someone who is always reaching for the sky.

In yoga, the practitioner is instructed to breathe through the nose. This also was very difficult for me in the beginning, but now I am accustomed to the practice. Breathing through the nose calms the breath and the soul. This makes it easier for me to focus on something other than the pain and fatigue I feel as my body stretches and struggles to stay in position.

Breathing correctly during my yoga practice reminds me to breathe correctly in life. Take a breath and life will feel like the most incredible ride. It really is that simple.

Life is Good!