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CIOs Should Focus on Their Workplace Legacies
CIOs Should Focus on Their Workplace Legacies

How do you define legacy? It’s a word we misunderstand today because we abandoned the original meaning. It comes from an old French word that meant an ambassador or missionary who was sent out to start a future community. Because of the nature of the times they lived in, they were often killed while they

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On Growing Whole – Create Your Legacy Now

I just finished an incredible five months participating in a program called The Telios Experience led by my brother, Dr. Andrew Thorn, PhD.  This was a personal legacy-building program which allows its participants to look more closely at the rest of their lives and identify purpose, as well as fulfillment. I was overwhelmed several times during the


For business coach and psychologist Andrew Thorn, the goal in life should not be to achieve a work/life balance that he believes was never meant to exist. After all, as he writes in his inspirational new book, Leading with Your Legacy in Mind: Building Lasting Value in Business and Life, work is about quantity (salaries,